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Protecting Dentist's Investment in Digital Radiography

The company was started in January of 2007.  Dr. Dorothy Kassab , a practicing dentist in Canastota, NY and owner of Schick digital radiography, experienced  digital x-ray sensor failure.  The sensors failed due to kinking, coiling, and bending of the sensor cable which transmits data via a USB connection to a computer.  After expensive replacement ($6000-$9000) of 3 of her 6 digital x-ray sensors within a 5 year period of purchase, Dr. Dorothy Kassab invented a protective cover/sleeve for the cable wire of the digital sensor.  

The innovative design of this protective cover has the ability to maintain and return the x-ray sensor's cable to a linear position.  This linear position allows the operator to have the sensor available for/during use without a tangled, kinged, coiled, cable wire.  This also  allows efficiency and lack of stress during use.  By maintaining linear position, the WireGuard prevents damage to the wire inside due to kinking, coiling, and bending.  The WireGuard also diminishes the likelihood of cable damage due to compression from rolling over the cable with a chair.  This is because the increased diameter of the cable with the WireGuard on it makes it more difficult for the chair to accidentally roll over it.  As a result, protecting the cable diminishes the likelihood of expensive replacement.  After full year of working out the invention of the WireGuard and a US patent application, the WireGuard is for sale.

With the help of her father, a civil engineer by trade, they have found that medical grade silicone cover is the ideal material in the WireGuard fabrication.  

Dr. Dorothy Kassab hopes that this product will help other dentists to protect their investment in digital radiography.