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Swiffer WetJet 




The cord protector has reduced my anxiety with handling the cord.  The digital x-ray cord is prone to twisting and is very fragile.  As busy as we are during the day, it's nice to know I can grab the sensor and take my x-rays without worrying I am going to damage this very expensive equipment.- Kim, Cicero, NY

The WireGuard has helped me tremendously.  The WireGuard prevents the sensor cord from coiling up.  This makes it easier to use when taking radiographs and prevents damage to the costly sensor.  It's silicone tubing design is easy to disinfect.  It makes the sensor slightly heavier due to the weight of the WireGuard, however, the benefits of the WireGuard outweigh that.-Lisa, Baldwinsville, NY

I will order another one for our Intra Oral Camera. We love how it protects our cables. 

-Lisa, Rancho Cucamonga, CA